Saturday, November 15, 2008

Your Tax Dollars At Work

So last week DH and I tried to play hardball with the government/IndyMac Bank. We told them they had a week to accept our offer on a short sale before we lowered the offer price. For a full week I made call after call after call to responsible parties at the bank and heard no response. Finally on Monday we lowered our offer as promised because the house simply was not worth as much to us as it was a few weeks ago. The next Friday, we heard that they had finished reviewing the contract and that we will have approval for the short sale on Monday.
This whole situation bugs me for a variety of reasons. Not that I'm not greatful to be getting the house we want at a great price, I know I could have bigger things to be griping about in this economy. However, we gave them all kinds of oppertunities to accept our offer at a higher price within a time that was convenient for us. Now, even though we're saving some money, we have to move during the holidays with a baby due any day. It makes things a little sticky for us. Not to mention the fact that all those folks at IndyMac just gyped the government out of $10,000 becasue they couldn't get their act together a few days earlier. Oy!
All that asside, I'm excited to be moving to our new house and have a chance to settle in hopefully before the baby comes. The house is really great and we love the location and schools so there is a lot of positive stuff here. There will be a lot more space for people to visit (a guest room!!!!) which is one of the things that we've really been wanting to offer our family. We've been really lucky that we found this place at a time when we can afford it. So, despite the bad timing of things, I'm glad it's happening at all.