Saturday, August 29, 2009

With a little help from my friends

So my dear friend E! is here educating me on all things pop culture while we are eating popcorn, brownies and anything else that's not nailed down. We are great enablers!
So I wanted to show her my blog because I want someone to read this and so I know that I'm not writing for the vast internet oblivion but instead writing for an actual person to read and hopefully be interested.
Last week I signed my blog up for the Google AdSense thingy and my ads are now up. What is it that Google deemed appropriate for a blog on all things mother-ish? TROJAN's, Ecstacy, "feels like nothing's there."
So let me get this straight. My blog which is about having and raising children is a good venue to sell birth control? I've always thought my own sweet babies were a pretty convincing argument in the opposite direction but, perhaps I'm wrong. Oh well, go click on the ad, I get a fraction of a cent every time you do and you get free condoms so you won't find yourself "in the trenches" anytime soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Capatilist Medecine

My beautiful three year old daughter has a shiner. A full on swell-your-eye-closed shiner. It's turned so many shades of purple it looks like a revlon ad. She got this by climbing up onto her bed's headboard and crashing into her nightstand.
She isn't a terribly accident prone child so this is our first brush with serious injury in quite some time. I'm sure this will be good experience because her brother appears to be a bit of a daredevil. As soon as I got up there (I'd been in the basement while she was in her room) I iced it and called my husband. He's always a good one to call in case of an emergency as he tends to be very level headed. He thought it best to go to the ER so away we went.
I got there fully expecting to wait for half an hour before we were seen by anyone with any medical knowledge. I was mistaken. A triage nurse took a look at her almost immediately and then did a more full examination about 15 minutes later. We were taken to a room very quickly where we were seen by no fewer than 3 nurses and one doctor. They let me hold Pudding while they treated and examined her. She squirmed around and cried a lot when they put the glue on. (I tried to make that part fun. I told her they were going to glue her back together just like the Tea Pot, didn't work.) They gave her a sticker and a little bear and sent us on our way. The whole thing took about an hour and a half and costs us about $150. That's a lot and I'm sure they bill our insurance company a boat load but I was happy to pay that if it meant that my baby got attention in a timely fashion and didn't have to wait in a room with sick people for 3 hours.
Yes, this didn't turn out to be anything life threatening or even all that crucial. Dilbert and I were discussing later and we discovered that the glue they used would've cost us about $5 at walgreen's but on the off chance that she had had a concussion or some more serious head injury, I'm glad that this frivilous trip to the ER was an option. I'm very afraid that once Obamacare get's put in place (I'm not one of those conservatives who is optimistic at this point) that it won't be. I'll have to call some beaurocrat who will asses weather or not my baby needs the limited medical care they have to offer before I can take her in. Someone who has no skin in the game will be calling the shots.

A Generous Wife

I strive to be a generous wife. I try not to freak out when my husband is 15 minutes late home from work. I encourage him to spend time with his friends. I will even encourage him to go to a weekend long bachelor party at the Saratoga races. He was ready to write it off and not really entertaining the idea of going, I nudged.
I say this by no means to toot my own horn but instead to show the conundrum I've gotten myself into. I am going to stay here with two kids, one of whom looks like an after-school special on child abuse (more on that later) and the other hasn't been sleeping well, while he take a flight to Albany to drink until he passes out and stare at other people's boobies. I'm trying to be generous. I'm in for one hell of a weekend.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take this job and...

I quit my job this week. To anyone reading this blog, that probably sounds very sudden considering that my last post was 6 months ago and was about going back to work. In the last six months I have learned a few things.
  1. I multi-task well, but only up to a point.
  2. Crawling babies and the church office do not mix well.
  3. 2 kids are not twice the work of one kid. It's more like all the snacks, laundry and energy of one child squared.
  4. For a ministry to continue growing, it needs time that I do no have any longer (see #3).
I love my job but I love being at home with my kids more. This is the only time in their lives that they will want me around this much. I try to remember this every morning at breakfast. I've just woken up, Pudding is being a three year old (i.e. awful) and the Tyke is demanding all my time and attention to keep him from causing himself serious bodily harm while he explores the laws of physics. During those mornings when I feel like I'm just barely keeping it together I remember, "They won't always want to sit and have breakfast with me. Someday when I am middle aged and they are young adults, they will rather go to IHOP with their loser friends than sit and have a nutritious breakfast with their boring old mother."
So, when my kids get busy building lives of their own, then I can throw myself back into the wonderful world of work but for right now, it is simply not the season.