Friday, August 28, 2009

A Generous Wife

I strive to be a generous wife. I try not to freak out when my husband is 15 minutes late home from work. I encourage him to spend time with his friends. I will even encourage him to go to a weekend long bachelor party at the Saratoga races. He was ready to write it off and not really entertaining the idea of going, I nudged.
I say this by no means to toot my own horn but instead to show the conundrum I've gotten myself into. I am going to stay here with two kids, one of whom looks like an after-school special on child abuse (more on that later) and the other hasn't been sleeping well, while he take a flight to Albany to drink until he passes out and stare at other people's boobies. I'm trying to be generous. I'm in for one hell of a weekend.

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