Friday, December 5, 2008

Big freakin week

Ok, so we're in the new house! Horay! It is perfect and I love it and I really don't miss the old place at all. We'd outgrown that house so long ago that I was starting to loath it by the end there.
We really did pull off one for the record books with this settlement and move here. On the 14th of November I woke up thinking that I'd be having this baby in Arlington and we'd hear about the house sometime later. That afternoon we got word that the approval on the short sale would come through on Monday.
On Monday we got the written approval and I spent hours on the phone setting up the settlement ending with a mad dash starting around 4pm calling up an old colleague I'd worked with back in my Real Estate days and begging him to turn around a settlement in just over a week. We managed to schedule settlement for the 25th and my colleague came through as did my lender, both of whom were fabulous. We had 5 business days to pull of this deal and it actually got done despite my DH being out of town for the majority of that time. We moved in the 29th and cleaned out the old place on the 30th and haven't looked back since.
In the course of 3 weeks I went from having resigned myself to having 2 kids in that tiny little house (just under 800 sq feet) to now living in the house that we've been dreaming about for so long.
We're just about all set up for the birth now which is pretty exciting especially since the last two days my body has apparently been "warming up," (i.e. having contractions that mysteriously stop after a little while). I know from the last time around that this is perfectly fine and totally normal but it does mess with your head a little. I get all ready to have this baby, I call my folks that need calling and get my ducks in a row just in case this is really it, and then it isn't. Oh well.
My midwife believes that it will probably be the next couple of days that will really get this baby going. We will see I guess. I'm hoping that "Oscar" at least holds off until tomorrow evening. I'd like to have one more day to get things done before going into labor. Wish me luck!

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