Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spin off blog, or perhaps not

I've been thinking on an idea lately (the past 6 months really) and would like to know what you my readers (reader) think about it.
I sortof spun the idea off of Ina May Gaskins Birth stories as told in Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (which everyone who ever plans to have a baby should read). The birth stories are usually told by the woman having the birth with supplemental information given by the midwife who attended the birth. I found them extremely helpful when I was in labor with the Tyke. I felt like I had this bank of ideas for coping with the intensity of birth and I could pull out any of them I liked and try it for a while.
My idea is to create something like this but for after your children are out and driving you crazy. I'd like to start a blog where mothers could tell their stories and share the challenges that have faced them while raising their children. I think it could be helpful to new mothers to see what other mothers have tried and what has worked.
Personally, I think that's a story I'd want to read. There is no end to the multitude of ways there are to mother and I think it could be helpful to new moms and moms who are facing new challenges to know of other mothers who have faced these things and what they did about it.
So, assuming that you my readers (reader) would like to read that too, what would you like to ask other mothers? Do you want to know about potty training, discipline, sleep training, homeschooling, regular school, nutrition, puberty, teen years, college applications? What is it that you would most like to learn about and ask other mothers? You tell me, and I'll go find the answers.

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