Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad vibes

My darling nerd has a very manly love of action movies and thriller type flicks. We are currently on the couch watching "The Kingdom" which (if you haven't had the pleasure) is a FBI anti-terrorism flick complete with innocent victims getting blown to bits, brave agents being tortured and scary bad guys doing unspeakable things to people who look a lot like me.
I am not of the school of thought that believes that anything you see during pregnancy will affect your baby but as I write this now from the safety of my bedroom, I know these sort of images affect me. I also know that seeing images like these leave me terrified for months. I saw "I am Legend" shortly after I found out I was pregnant and occasionally still have nightmares about zombies. I know this about myself and I don't want my baby catching my frightened vibes. That's right, I said vibes.
I am not a hippy but I do believe that the things that you feel can be transferred to the people around you and most definitely to the person being gestated inside of you.

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