Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Too busy knitting to write

Oy, it's been a busy summer. So sorry for the long silence. But, big news! Last time I wrote I was not but I am no, most obviously knocked up. In fact I am at 31 weeks gestation (out of 40 weeks for the uninitiated). So far things have gone very well, I am huge but not so huge that I can't move yet so, bonus.
I have been busy stock piling various baby things for the impending arrival. Most recently I finished a pair of baby mittens connected by an i-cord to each other. They are super cute and the pattern took about 10 minutes to knit (Exaggerating of course). I also finished a pair of matching baby socks.
For Mama I just completed a pair of plain old stockinette socks that I love. I used my Jitterbug sock yarn which I also LOVE!!!! Totally fun to knit with and delicious. Love the colors too.
I also completed the February Lady Sweater but I didn't do very well on that one. It's too big through the shoulder and yolk which made it too big in the arms, bust and back. Other than that It was a nice project to knit, I just messed it up. This was my first adult size sweater and a good project to work on. Pretty easy to memorize the lace pattern so it traveled well for a sweater.
Things I would add to this pattern to make it a little easier
  • use stitch markers between each repeat of the lace pattern. The pattern never says to but its a good idea, I tried for a while without and had to rip back a few inches. No fun.
  • Knit the arms separately and find a way to add them later. It's a pain in the butt to knit in the round with the whole sweater needing to go around as well.
  • When knitting the yolk, I think it would be worth it to occasionally thread some waste yarn through all the live stitches and measure the thing around your intended recipient. It's a pain but after my experience with the shoulders/arms/bust all being too large because I kept the yolk going too far.
I'm sure there have been other things completed but I can't think of them all now. On the needles now I have a really beautiful silk scarf, a baby sweater that's done all in one piece with short rows and lots and lots of tiny little Christmas Stockings.

I've learned a fun new technique this fall. The two socks on one needle thing is great. I did the jitterbug socks, the baby socks and the baby mittens with this method and it goes so quickly. It totally fixes the issue of one-sock-syndrome. Lots of fun. I definitely recommend you give it a try.

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