Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Sophie Sweater!!!! and NYC

The Sweater is done!!!! I've never done a sweater before and it's so exciting to have one finished. It has about a thousand big errors in it and it sortof looks like a first sweater but it's done and it will keep my little pudding warm for the next 4 days before it's too hot to wear it anymore. I have a bunch more of the yarn and I'm thinking I'm going to start a baby sweater but Matt thinks that might be jumping the gun a little bit. We'll see.
In other news, Matt and I are heading to NYC at the end of the week. If anyone has an idea about good yarn shops or other places I should visit, that would be lovely. I'm defiantly going to visit Purl in SoHo. The owner of that shop wrote this book that the sweater pattern was in and she's totally brilliant. So, I'm going to visit her shop and spend too much on yarn, yay! I'll post pictures of the sweater here soon. Later!

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