Monday, September 14, 2009

A good day

I had a good day today. It was one of those days when I am not pulled in a million directions but can simply focus on my kids and my home and do a good job with both of them. I didn't feel the need to constantly tell the Pudding to quiet down so that I could finish an email or to chase after the Tyke to keep him from putting his fingers into outlets while I update the web site at work. Today, I could just be a mom.
The Tyke went down for a long nap in the morning. I think he's making up for the crazy weekend we had traveling to PA for a wedding. He slept for nearly three hours. While he was napping the Pudding and I baked bread and when she got board with that she went to play in the little nest she's built in the living room. She crawls up on the couch which, along with the rest of our furniture, is pushed into the middle of the room because we are slowly painting it. She has this little cave there with some of her dollies and blankets and books all piled up in a specific order that only she knows. I love listening to her play like this. She talks to her dollies and tells them stories. She disciplines them when they are naughty and says how proud she is of them when they are good. And she nurses them. That's my favorite. She pushes up her little shirt and nurses whatever dolly, duck or bear she is playing with at the moment. I love it!
It's times like this, when I can bask in the reflected glory of the fabulous little person she's becoming, that I feel like a good mom. She repeats my words to her "darlings." She repeats my stories to them too. I can tell if she's watching too much TV lately if it comes up too often in those stories. It's like looking in a mirror on my motherhood.
When the Tyke woke up, we fed him lunch together, a pear cut up and peeled. The pudding kept him entertained by jumping in place and they both thought that was so hilarious that they cackled uncontrollably.
Tomorrow she starts preschool and we won't have this much time together to play and be silly. She won't have the time to follow her imagination wherever it leads. I'm glad I didn't work at Church today.

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