Friday, February 15, 2008

Big dreams

The joy that is married life is not always so obvious. You are going about your day to day things and this other person who lives with you is going about their day to day things and sometimes those things come together and sometimes you feel like you're just existing in the same house together. But then there are those days when you remember why you loved them in the first place and other days when you remember why you married them. (Note, those are rarely the same things)
Those days seem to be happening a lot this week. Darling husband (DH) and I have been trying to break away from the pull of the neon goddess otherwise known as a television for the past few weeks. This doesn't always work and we're not pushing it too hard but we are making an effort to talk to each other about things other than Boston Legal.
So Sunday night the house had gotten to an outrageous degree of messyness. I believe the word "Squalor" was used at one point so we spent the evening cleaning and ended up talking until midnight as we dried pots and put things away. After the cleaning was done we sat down and made a list of the things we want for ourselves in the next 3 years.
The true joy of marriage is having someone to share the silly dreams with. The stupid stuff that you think could never happen. You share it with him and sometimes he says, "yep, that is pretty out there." Then other times he says, "Let's do it."
For privacy sake I'm not going to reveal all of them because that would be a breach of the husband/wife deal, we keep each other's silly dreams a secret between us. Suffice to say, this little blog is one of them.
I love reading knitting blogs and if I can turn my yarn addiction into something that benefits others by letting them know that they are not alone in their crazyness then I hope to have done some good. I will also share patterns as I come across good ones or make up my own.
Back to my original idea. The other day my husband reminded me why I love him we were having lunch together during the week in the food court at Tysons Corner. I posed an idea to him of expanding our family and he smiled and said, "Yeah, lets do it." It's not every day you find someone who can support your silly dreams and be there to back it all up with a smile. Here's to Mr. Follow Through.

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