Saturday, February 23, 2008

In defence of party pooping

My husband and I used to be great partiers. We always showed up after the party was started but before it got too wild. We were usually a small reason why it got wild. We threw great parties, the kind that people talked about for months afterward, with things like surround sounds and strobe lights and such. And, we were usually among the last to leave.
My, how things have changed.
I left my best friends 30th birthday party tonight at 8pm. I was an hour early to help set up, I brought a cake instead of booze. My husband had to run back in after we were ready to go to grab a sippy cup instead of our bottle of vodka. All because I didn't want to sacrifice the all mighty schedule that we have our daughter on.
Some people,I'm sure thought I was nuts for leaving so early and spoiling the fun. Some probably thought I was nuts to have brought my daughter up to be so inflexible in her sleep times. But you know what, at this age, all we have is the schedule. When the schedule goes, chaos ensues and I just have too much going on this weekend for chaos to be an option. Plus, I really didn't feel like it was fair to ask her to try to fall asleep in a strange room without her usual routine, without her own pajamas, without cookie monster in a house with lots of loud music and people and sounds that she doesn't know. I wouldn't want to do that, I can't imagine that she would. So I stand by my party pooping ways. My daughter and her needs for comfortable sleep come before my need to party, that's how it goes and I refuse to feel guilty about it.

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